Hello and welcome to my site.

I am a Lebanese veteran educator and educational consultant who have accumulated decent knowledge in ICT and related fields as of 1999. my main focus is on building/developing tools for teachers and people in academia in general. Examples of these educational tools comprise, but are not limited to:

– Interactive animations (2D and 3D).
– Simulations.
– Interactive, multimedia enriched quizzes with auto-correction and auto-grading features.
– Desktop and mobile apps
– Wbb apps

I have established this site mainly to share knowledge and my personal thoughts and findings.I post educational stuff, mostly related to Biology, as well as code snippets and tips and tricks related to:

– Education
– Adobe flash and its scripting language (ActionScript)
– After effects
– 3D studio max
– Other interesting software

When I started developing my ICT skills back in 1999, the resources were scarce, over the years I have built a rich portfolio of educational animations for Biology, physics, and chemistry. I still update this portfolio every year with new animations, simulations, and interactive quizzes or with updates to old ones.

I also have a fairly good knowledge of some of the most widely used CG packages like 3D max, Vue, and Poser as well as plenty of other similar programs that can be used for a variety of educational/medical illustration and animation purposes.

Thank you for visiting my site, enjoy your stay.

Wassim Sidani.
April 30,2017