New simulator for the Receptor potential in the Pacinian corpuscle

global potential screencast

This simulator is made for experiential learning of the concept of receptor potenital and serves as a technological tool that will hopefully increase students’ engagement.

New Neurophysiology screencast

global potential screencast

This screencast is about the amplitude of the global potential and how it’s affected by the intensity of stimulations applied to the nerve. This is a topic that’s thoroughly discussed in grades 10 and 12 of the Biology Lebanese curriculum and I have already posted about my simulator, the one I use in my classroom …

Amplitude of Global Potential simulator

Gobal potential's amplitude

This simulator mimics the response of a nerve to electrical stimulations of different intensities, it is practically useful for grade 12 students of the LS section. It requires the flash player plugin so make sure you enable it in your browser. Feel free to contact me if you’d like a customized version or a different …