Confirmation bias and common social media algorithms

The most accurate illustration of the consequences of what is nowadays known as “confirmation bias” comes from the French physiologist, Claude Bernard, in his book, An Introduction to the Study of Experimental Medicine, first published in 1865. Bernard says (translated from French):Men who have excessive faith in their theories or ideas are not only ill …

New interactive video: the anatomy of the heart

This video is an End of Course project , in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the “Production of Educational Video” course. The video targets students of grade 9 and is supposed to be used as a DLO facilitating the study of the heart anatomy.

New simulator for the Receptor potential in the Pacinian corpuscle

global potential screencast

This simulator is made for experiential learning of the concept of receptor potenital and serves as a technological tool that will hopefully increase students’ engagement.

New Neurophysiology screencast

global potential screencast

This screencast is about the amplitude of the global potential and how it’s affected by the intensity of stimulations applied to the nerve. This is a topic that’s thoroughly discussed in grades 10 and 12 of the Biology Lebanese curriculum and I have already posted about my simulator, the one I use in my classroom …