Flash CS5 and the iPhone

I think that by now everyone in the flash community knows about the “Slap in the face” we, as flash developers, received by Apple, in case you didn’t you can read all about it in the “Go screw yourself Apple” post.

A side effect of adobe’s announcement that flash CS5 will export to iPhone and iPod touch was encouraging thousands of flash developers to buy an iPhone or iPod touch to have the appropriate hardware to test and develop Flash-based ipa, at least that’s what I did…Now Apple should be grateful to this “free Marketing favor” Adobe inadvertently offered to say the least…

I already have a windows mobile powered HTC touch diamond phone and I invested in buying a 3rd generation 32 GB iPod touch for that purpose, if Apple continues its tight policy about 3rd party-built ipa, then I will either have to invest in an Android or just keep my ipas for myself! I might even have to jailbreak the iPod to be able to use my own built applications on my device! please correct me if I am wrong (should the device be jailbroken to install my own self-built ipas without having to kiss Mr Jobs ‘hand’ to get approval?)

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