Flash shopping cart

After months of work, we are glad to announce the immediate availability of the actionscript3 flash shopping cart.
Packed with lots of features (video support, multiple payment processors and gateways, supporting paypal, 2checkout and authorize.net) this new cart is probably the most flexible yet lightweight cart available today.

This actionScript3 shopping cart takes advantage of the rendering engine of flash player 9 and up, its performance exceeds actionscript2 carts by far and you can be sure your customers will receive first class user experience using our cart.

With a filesize less than 150 Kb, you will be amazed of the number of features this cart brings to your online store.

You can have several categories of goods sold through the cart, tangible and intangible (clothing, software, video lectures etc…). The cart supports all video and image formats supported by the flash player.

The cart comes in two flavors, an XML driven version and a mySQL+php adminPanel powered version; both flavors are ready to go products with no learning curves.\r\n

The XML driven version can run on any server, there are no special requirements, no database installation or server side scripting needed whatsoever.

The mySQL adminPanel powered version uses a mySQL database to store the details about the products and a php backend to manage the database through a very user friendly interface that makes sense!

Just fill in the details of each product, upload the images and you are ready to sell online.

Additional gateways and payment processors can also be incorporated into the cart upon request.

The actionscript3 flash shopping cart can be connected to an optional automatic delivery system (sold separately) which is extremely useful for digital goods; buyers can immediately download the digital product they bought without intervention by the merchant.

We offer two licensing schemes for maximum flexibility, a designer version and a developer version.

The designer package of the actionScript3 shopping cart does not include source code.

So what if you want to customize the look of the cart? Well it is easier than doing it yourself, you can simply send us a psd or a draft of your design and we can do that for you and send you the finished, ready to deploy, swf file.

A single license (works on one domain) costs 150 USD for the XML driven version and 250 USD for the adminPanel version.

The developer package allows you to do practically anything with the cart since full commented source code is included. The licensing scheme of the developer package is more flexible than the designer package since you can use the cart on an unlimited number of domains without restrictions.

The look and feel of the cart is easily customizable if you have the developer version, all you need is flash CS3 or higher and some basic flash knowledge.

The XML version of the developer package costs 1000 USD while the adminPanel powered version costs 1500 USD.

We offer free installation and technical support with every sale (applies for both the designer and developer versions).

We’re also capable of adding custom features, integrating the cart with existing flash sites, and translating the interface to different languages (additional fee, depends on complexity of the task).

Here’s the demo of the AS3 flash shopping cart, This version supports using videos as description of an item as well as a large picture or even an swf file.
the demo connects to paypal as payment gateway yet the retail version supports 2checkout and authorize.net as well. 

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