Flash shopping cart

The best flash shopping cart you’ve ever seen!

The flash cart supports multiple categories of products; it is driven by XML or a mySQL database.

The flash shopping cart was designed with usability in mind, it loads and is ready to go in less than 10 seconds! Faster than html or php based carts!

User friendly, highly flexible, lightweight (around 120 kb!) and a cool web 2.0 design are not the whole deal, there’s more, a lot more!

Seamless paypal integration, the purchase is itemized and you get to see the details about each item in the paypal interface.

The merchant paypal account is easily customizable; you can set the paypal address, currency, thankYouUrl and cancelUrl.

The mySQL version is equipped with an admin panel that makes cart management, including thumbs and full size pictures upload a breeze even to non techy users.

This flash shopping cart is robust, it supports a variety of formats, can display jpg, png, gif and even swf pictures (both thumbnails and sull size pictures) of your products. It’s simply an all-in-one solution.

A demo of this flash shopping cart Will be available online by the time this post is published, please visit this page for more info Flash shopping cart.

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