One More reason to hate Microsoft!

Like many of you outlook express users, I got an email today informing me that outlook express will no longer be able to access hotmail accounts beyond June 30 because the geniuses at Microsoft have invented what they think is a better protocol and outlook doesn’t support it so they had to come up with a new “magnificent” piece of shit called Windows Live Mail. Why not upgrade outlook express? Well they say it will take a lot of work to add support to the good old outlook express…As if making a new program from scratch is easier! Do they take us for fools or something? Well maybe so and for a reason, we still are using there OS!

Like a dumb ass, I believed this crap and went straight to the download page, installed and fired the application to be saluted by a crash, hmmm, typical Microsoft first run behavior.

Restarted the application and watched it at work, it seems it’s using the same engine as outlook with the sole difference that it crashes every 3 to 5 minutes or so, well, Now I know why they had to put outlook aside, because it works and they simply can’t withstand the idea of having an application or even an operating system that works without killing it for the sake of shitty new applications no one really wants or prefers over the existing ones…

Having that said, I am seriously considering switching to Linux, the knoppix compilation is really cool and I am waiting for the Linux version of Adobe flash to switch permanently to Linux, if anyone knows a way I can start using flash on a Linux, plz drop me a line.

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