Remaining papers

OK guys, sorry for the delay. I will start working on the remaining papers as of now 11 44 pm

Abed Hout

First Question

part a: 2/2

part b: 1 out of 2 (you added some acquired knowledge into the mix, you can’t do that when you are asked to deduce ya man)

part c: 3/3

part d: 2/2

Second question

part a : 3/3 (graph)

part b : 0.5 out of 1 (you missed an important relation between glycemia and glucosuria)

Third question

part a: 1/1

part b: 2 / 2

part c: 1 out of 3 (you have to elaborate, your answer skips a lot of important details)

part d: 2/2 beautifully explained.

Question 4:

7/10 (too bad you didn’t mention the word hypothalamus in your answer!)


convert to 100 by : 20+(your grade x 80)/31



Question 1

Full grade on all parts- well done.

Question 2

Full grade

Question 4: full grade

Total =  30/31, needless to say that your paper is indeed excellent.


Ali’s paper is next, I will postpone it till tomorrow since Abed’s and Nader’s took me 2 hours, Ali’s paper is surely going to take more time to decrypt then read and correct. See you tomorrow guys.

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