Flash CS4 released, or is it?

As a flash expert and enthusiast, I was thrilled when the release of the new Flash CS4 was announced. Like thousands of other flash coders, I went through the pain of downloading the trial version of Flash CS4 (almost one gigabyte large) just to find that the help files and API documentation were simply not there! The help menu takes you to adobe site to check the online version (if you are connected to the internet) or simply displays some very basic info with no code samples whatsoever.

I can now say with confidence, Adobe is following a pattern with every new release of Flash since CS3, the documentations are getting crappier with every release, not a good strategy if they want people to actually learn flash and if they want to expand the use of flash as a platform.

CS4 brought yet another disappointment to me and millions of RTF users, the “ligature” support is buried deep inside some user unfriendly classes and there is no simple way to access this essential feature for the average user by simply setting a property for a static or dynamic text field, way to go Adobe, really smart!\r\n

So was Flash CS4 really released or is this just another pre-release alpha quality software? The latter seems more probable.

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